Pravana Perfection Smoothout Treatment.

Pravana Perfection Smoothout Treatments are the new patent pending innovation to instantly and safely (certified formaldehyde free) transform coarse, frizzy or curly hair into smooth and manageable hair. Clients can expect their desired results to last for months. The Perfection Smoothout utilizes the most advanced technology to restore hair to its most healthy gorgeous self.

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Your clients ask for perfect hair. That sleek, smooth, sensuous look that defines confidence. But perfect hair always came with risk. Until now.

The Perfection Smoothout employs the most advanced technology to expertly restore hair to an incredibly healthy and gorgeous state beyond expectations

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Perfection Q &A

Q: How long will a Perfection SmoothOut service from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY last?

A: Results will last 8-12 weeks with the hair gradually returning to its natural "textural memory" state. Use of Vivid Image Salon's Perfection sulfate, salt and paraben-free Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner maximizes the longevity of the service.

Q: What is the active ingredient that allows Perfection SmoothOut to texturally transform hair without the use of formaldehyde or formaldehyde substitutes?

A: Perfection employs our nano amino acid complex, which is comprised of amino acids, a heat protective polymer and a reducing catalyst that is activated with heat to allow the solution to penetrate the hair fiber and to suspend the hair’s textural memory. There is no need for formaldehyde or a formaldehyde substitute to bind keratin to the hair, as there is no keratin in the Perfection SmoothOut formula from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY.

Q: Will I experience any odor with Perfection SmoothOut from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY? 

A: The Perfection SmoothOut Solution from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY contains amino acids that are heated during the service which produce a mild odor. If hair is absorbent or in instances when too much solution has been applied, the hair may temporarily retain this aroma. However, any residual odor can be eliminated within 2-3 shampoos following the service.

Q: Can Perfection from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY be used on African-American or ethnic hair types with stronger curl?

A: Perfection can be used on all hair types and conditions including African-American and other ethnic-type hair. Perfection will reduce curl significantly with the initial service. However, in most cases, a second application will eliminate the remaining curl.

Q: Can Perfection SmoothOut, from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY, be performed on hair that has been treated with a thio-based, sodium or calcium hydroxide relaxer ?

A: Perfection SmoothOut is so gentle to the hair it can be performed safely over hair previously treated with a thio, keratin/formaldehyde, sodium or calcium hydroxide relaxer or smoother.

Q: Must the flat iron be set to 360 degrees for a Perfection SmoothOut from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY? What if my iron is 400 or 450 degrees?

A: 360 degrees is the optimal temperature setting to flat iron process the Perfection SmoothOut service from Vivid Image Salon in Miller Place, NY. Higher temperature settings can be used but subjects hair to unnecessary damage and potential color loss, If you do experience color loss you can immediately refresh the color following the Perfection SmoothOut service. When coloring, it’s always advisable to color after the Perfection SmoothOut service.

A complete listing of ingredients can be found on the Perfection SmoothOut package. OSHA-compliant MSDS sheets for all Pravana Naturceutical products are available upon request.

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